Poke Steals Scratch Offs

We are proud to announce Poke Steals Scratch Offs! Every Gold Member Gift Box will contain 1 scratch off!

We have 3 different tier prizes that can we won fo this month!


TIER 1: Vivid Voltage Booster Box or Darkness Ablaze Booster Box or Crimson Invasion Booster Box or Sun & Moon Base Booster Box

TIER 2: 1 Battle Style ETB or Rapidash V Box or Pikachu V Box

TIER 3: Free Shipping to 1 Member Drop or 1 Piece of Poke Steals Merch or 3 Random Booster Packs

How to redeem: If you scratch your ticket and reveal a win, please email us at thepokesteals@gmail a picture of the ticket, along with your full name, and email associated with your account!